Media Production

We’re committed to promoting african arts in all it forms. We are the number one african Showbiz promoter brand in the country. We hunt, promote and showcase fresh talent and make intelligent investments and expertise to make the most out of african artist and we well as offering solid platform to groom a successful carrier.

Yapaki Restaurants

so much more. For years we’ve been successful in the night life and entertainment business. We’ve taken that success and applied it to the Restaurant business and we’ve been able to scale out restaurant business at a 6X rate per annum. We deliver top quality africa/French menus and we host pretty much any kind of events a standard restaurant offers.

Yapaki Nightclubs

Our nightclub chain Yapaki cave and Yapaki Prestige provides the best night life services nation wide. We host all major entertainment events and showcase artist across all musical genres on weekly bases with our special start-night events.

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Strong Partnerships

We are always open to collaborations towards collective growth
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